A Letter to My Next

I am done. At least for the time until I meet you and you’ve successfully achieved changing my mind about hope and love–I’m done. And I don’t mean that in a cynical, never-love-again kind of way, but I’ve always found my utmost happiness in my solitude and for me to choose you, means I’ve chosen someone who I trust to love me as much as I love myself.

There will be times where I get so wrapped up in you, I’ll forget to take care of me. And you will be there to remind me. 

There will be times I get so emotionally lost in myself and others feelings, I will need you to be my rock and ground me back to Earth. 

There will be times I need your touch and your warmth, and I expect your arms to be the safe haven I need for the moment until I’ve regained my strength. 

There will be times you will need to be a father figure to my son, and although he isn’t your own kin, your love for me must match that love for him, because without him, there is no me. You would never have this beautifully strong and resilient woman before you to love and adore. 

I don’t ask for much but your time and attention and share the laughter and joy with me that I’m dying to give. Because there have been others who couldn’t bear the challenge of a woman like me. 

I am difficult, but that is also just perception. I am absolute in my word and I expect for you to do the same. I do not buy into excuses and my standards are impeccably high that you will honor the promises you make and DO NOT BE A COWARD about it. I will not look down upon you if you make mistakes, but I will if you do not acknowledge them and fight me with your ego. 

We are a team.

And we can’t make it to the top if we can’t support each other up and through every obstacle that comes our way. I have to be able to trust that you will pull your weight if we were in a life or death situation and that I won’t regret my decision in choosing you as my mate. I have to trust I won’t have to remind you the same things twice. My team mate. 

If you want me, I’m yours. But I don’t come for free. You need to earn me to deserve me. I am not your typical domesticated housewife kind of woman. I will cook, clean, work 2-3 jobs to make sure my family is provided for, but I expect my man to work just as hard alongside me. We grind together. So your loyalty is a must. I will not tolerate lies. I will not tolerate infidelity. 

Know that I am hardly a jealous woman when I am safe and secure within myself, so when I do have moments of envy, I immediately acknowledge my shortcomings and do what I can to grow through it, because like you, I will have many. And I will always accept you as long as you come at me with an open heart and leave the guards behind so we can grow and evolve together. Trust me so I can trust you. Completely.

If by this point, the idea scares you. Stop where you are and click close and block me from your life and don’t waste my time because I will make sure you regret it. But if the challenge is one you feel you can carry out confidently; then step up and receive your quest, my King. Your throne awaits..

Queen Xtine ๐Ÿ˜˜

2 thoughts on “A Letter to My Next

  1. Bronxbomber6921 says:

    Amazing article, so refreshing to hear your words, most people cant gather words like those you spoke. So trudge on , smile as the sun gazes upon you and your son, keep your chin up , cause even if I dont know you, I know you will…

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