Tainted/Without The Lights

Elliot Moss – “Without The Lights”

This spoke to me on levels you couldn’t even imagine… So here’s a piece I wrote inspired by it:


There was truth when I said it the first time: You tainted me.

And like smog I breathed you in until my lungs turned to night.
Wore bruises around my neck like a choker
Obeyed your orders like a child.

“Yes sir.”
“No sir.” 

But this child grew up years ago,

My child, what have you done?

You’ve served your role as subordinate too long and you’ve forgotten your place as a queen.
What has this monster told you to forget the space between
Your ears.
The space where lies your heart.
Not the anatomical beating heart but the space where your magic grows. 
Where his touch has turned the milk sour
Where the ringing alarms in your head wouldn’t stop going off to tell you

And still you didn’t listen. 

Sweet girl, open up your eyes.

Stop pretending you don’t see the truth
When truth spoke in that queasiness in your stomach the second he opened his mouth with,


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