My King

May 19, 2016, 3:53pm

It gives me chills knowing and deeply understanding
that most men don’t deserve a woman like me.
They could never grasp the concept of having me 
without “having” me, 
and it amuses me to see them try at no avail.

I am a fierce woman,
with a wild heart.
I whip iron chains for fun
and laugh when I’ve fallen and am spitting out blood.
I’m intense, and the fire in my soul won’t go out—
            go out
because I have too much passion within me to ever let it die.

I crave freedom,
but I also crave a strong, worthy second hand.
I want to know that you crave me too
But love me enough to let me fly, because knowing that I have wings means that you trust me enough to know that I would choose only you
to come back home to.

I want you to know this.
Understand this,
as it only applies to you because you are my match.
I could care less about other women because I see no competition with any of them.
I am deeply in love with myself and the love I have for you, I have an innate knowing that you feel the same.
That no other woman, no matter how much prettier, thinner, stronger, funnier she may be, she could never override the connection we so undeniably share. 
That is the freedom you get with a woman like me.
A Queen that knows her worth and value.

My King,
My Warrior,
I know you’re out there and you feel me too.
Wherever you are,
come home soon.
We have a lot to catch up on. 

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