The Warrior & the Princess: The Story of the Yin & the Yang

There once was a prince who met a beautiful princess. Their initial meeting was brief but memorable to the young prince. As they parted ways, he couldn’t help but think of the princess. Night and day, she was on his mind and he was enamored by her beauty; the calmness of her presence; and the peace she brought to his life in those short, sweet moments they spent together.

Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer. He took off and went in search of her. He climbed mountains, fought off wild beasts, asked every single person he met on his search to find her again to the point where he grew sick, hungry and cold.As he started to lose hope that he would never find his long, lost love, a gentle hand touched his shoulder. He turned around startled. It was the princess. He said to her, “I’ve been searching for you all this time, I couldn’t stop thinking about you since we last met. How did you find me?”

She replied, “I know. And I haven’t stopped thinking about you either. I’ve been with you this whole time.”

He seemed confused and a bit annoyed that he had gone through so much trouble for her to tell him this. “What? This whole time? Then why did you wait until only now? Have you just been spying on me? Is this all a game to you?? Is th—”
She put two quiet fingers onto his lips and whispered her secret,

“The sun and the moon loved each other so much but they knew it would create chaos if they ran off to spend all of their time together. So each day, they wait until the perfect moment to pass so they can steal one last kiss before the next time they see each other again.”

And in that moment it was when he finally understood. He looked up at her, knowing that she was about to leave him once again, and feeling his sadness, she said,

“We have a duty to serve our highest good and highest truth for all concerned. Our people need us to fulfill our duties. But know that each time our paths do cross, our work will be done, over and over again, and the love I have for you always awaits patiently for that moment to come. Because there could be no other match that fits me more perfectly than it does you.”


Dedicated to you.

When I wrote this on October 25, 2015, I didn’t know where this story was deriving from. What song I was hearing to write these words. But I realize now it’s always been the same song I’ve heard you calling for me. You asked me one day, how much I love you, and in the moment I couldn’t accurately put into words the feelings boiling inside me to erupt to explain it to you like this:

I love you with the same force the moon has on bringing in and out the tide, with the same pull the sun and moon have to each other to nourish our Earth, give our bodies energy and light, darkness and rest, only to have one chance at the end of each day to reunite once again. The same way my love will always patiently wait for you in the next life, and next one after until our duties are fulfilled. You and I are eternal. You are me, as I am you. I become you, become me. 

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