No King To Me

A woman like me doesn’t need you to tell her twice. You’re leaving, you said. See ya, she replied back. But your bark is getting longer and louder as if I haven’t heard you the first time. 

I’m sure you’ll be okay.
I will too. 

Because the second you showed me your true face, words didn’t even have to explain what deception I felt. What darkness and lies I’ve endured but I’m not hearing the other mess you’re spewing as frosted icing. It’s all fluff to me and a sweet tooth, I can’t endure the sugared coating. Deliciously sweet lies and hollow promises like Easter chocolate eggs. I’ve pardoned your behavior for too long to keep sedating the pain in exchange for the comfort of the anesthesia. 

Numb on this: You don’t deserve a wholesome woman like me when you’re only snacking on the false pretenses of a relationship built in the shadows. The old paradigm that you are my Master and I shall follow your every word…What is a King who needs to tell his Queen what to do? 

No King to me.

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